so, all processes have been completed 4 a referral letter & letter of guarantee my eye surgery. just now, I just pray dat operation running smoothly. I am very afraid because it involves eye surgery. although it is only minor surgery but still made me afraid.(takutlah wess, lau dh melibatkan mata..spe xtakut men ngn operation ni) I have not decided whether to makesurgery, on Chinese new year holidays or later in the semester break. If the surgery took only a short time to recover again, maybe I will make the surgery next week. thanks for giving doctors Norizan good cooperation. I have been 3 times to the clinic to get a letter but very disappointing. (kenapalah doktor sblm ni sgt2 kerek, hampesss..)Now, grateful, everything running smoothly.

However, too many agenda that has been planned for this holiday. if I do surgery, all had forgotten.(hancuss sgalanya..kenduri kwn kawen, jln2 ngn family + wz..uwaaa!!!) whatever, will return to the village first and try to discuss with the family and make an appointment with the doctor for further treatment.

remembered it this morning, forced absenteeism from classes for an appointment with the doctor. please ask IRA to sign the attendance of this class. somehow, bad luck, the lecturer has made a sudden quiz. hate. 10% is very significant. but I will meet personally with the lecturer to explain my situation. I hope he understands my situation. I am not intentionally want to absenteeism.

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