17 Mac 09 (dis nite)

1.27 a.m (wednesday)…

late at nite, when all da world is sleeping..i stay up & think of u..thinking of u keeps me up all nite..where r u??…im so sory, i can’t sleep & can’t dream 2nite..i need smbody & alwyz dis sick strange darknss comes creeping on so haunting evrytme & i started i counted webs from all spiders cathing things..and eating there insides like indesicion 2 call u & hear ur voice 4 treason, will u come home & stop dis pain 2nite??? i wish on God dat smewhere u r , thinking of me…u will alwyz nver know y i cry dis tears….y must i feel da pain evryday….
1.40 a.m…

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